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About WMCN

Lenfest Broadcasting delivers two powerful broadcast stations distributed throughout the Philadelphia Media Market: WMCN TV and Tuff TV Philly.

WMCN TV targets families through programming genres that include live interactive news/talk, lifestyle, entertainment, and direct response advertising. Our focus is to provide television that is important, relevant, and enjoyable to our viewing audience and the communities we serve. WMCN TV is available over the air, and is also distributed in high definition by Comcast, Verizon Fios, Directv, and Dish Network.

Lenfest Broadcasting is proud to deliver both stations to the Philadelphia market. Together, WMCN TV and Tuff TV Philly impact and entertain thousands throughout the tri-state area every day.

WMCN TV is the first place to turn when you are looking to use the power of television to increase your business. “For more than 10 years, our live call-in show on WMCN TV has been a prime marketing tactic. We have opened
new locations as a direct result of the popularity and response to the program.”

WMCN TV is the best way to reach more than
 2.7 million homes across the Delaware Valley.
We are the leader in the region when it comes
to using customized television programming to deliver your message.

In addition, we offer a variety of product integration, sponsorship, and spot opportunities related to our own original programming,
as well as very popular nationally syndicated shows on both of our unique broadcast stations, WMCN TV and Tuff TV Philly.

WMCN TV offers advertisers a unique and customized platform to create a positive impression that drives new customers and reinforces relationships with existing ones. Other media simply can’t match the flexibility in our advertising and promotional campaigns. In addition, we will extend the power of your brand with online promotions and social media opportunities.

Whether your goal is branding, increasing sales, or anything in between, WMCN TV and Tuff TV Philly can affordably and successfully
deliver your advertising results the way no other TV stations can.

Our state of the art HD studio in Cherry Hill, NJ, was created by one 
of the leading designers in the television industry. It features 1,600 square feet of studio space, with no less than three different sets.
It can be transformed to fit any production. Our talented team can
also assist you with production and creative services, as well as provide support with concept and script development, on location production, post production, graphics, and program promotion.

Lenfest Broadcasting’s WMCN TV is proud to bring Tuff TV to Philadelphia.